Credit repair san antonio
credit repair san antonio

Credit improvement - Fact or fiction?

These days of television and internet it is rather difficult at times to decipher truth from fiction. Also, because of the speed at which information travels word gets around with an astonishing rate (whether good or bad). Among those subjects that have gotten negative press lately has been the credit repair industry.

Credit repair san antonio
You've probably heard such things as, "Start a brand new credit report today!", or "Improve your FICO by 300 points!". But, you've also heard many negative things. Many of them related to the above sayings above. First, I must separate fact from fiction.


It is possible to repair your own personal credit. You may also rely on someone else to assist you fix your credit score. But let me explain the difference involving the two. First, getting a specialist could cost you hundreds or even lots of money with "no guarantee" that anything is going to be fixed. Also, there were many so-called specialist offering illegal repair information!

In fact perhaps you will probably be asked to dispute everything on your own credit report as erroneous. Now, 80% of information reported towards the three major credit bureaus (Trans Union, Experian, & Equifax) is erroneous information. But, according to the FTC this really is fraud, that is against the law.

The reality is you don't a credit repair agency or any specialist in a industry (legal or otherwise) that will help you repair your own personal credit. You've got in your hand the opportunity to self repair your credit. With just a small time investment you can repair your personal credit.

Repair Myth

The myth is easy, that you simply cannot repair your own credit. This has been a myth perpetuated by unethical individuals who have marred the loan repair industry. Are typical credit restoration specialist like this? No, they are not. Some are extremely professional, courteous and honest. They do not request funds ahead of the repair has had place and definately will assist you with your credit improvement needs.

However, you are able to repair your own credit. There has been recorded installments of credit repair companies telling their customers to not go right to the financing bureaus (when it's your directly to try this). It is also your right (according to the FTC) to get a totally free annual credit file (of three major bureaus).

As you can see, you can find excellent resources available (from the Federal Trade Commission) to help you inside your credit improvement needs.

Credit Truth

In conclusion, there is a right to repair your own personal credit. Repair isn't fiction or myth, but truth that may make positive changes to life for that better.


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